Food Safety and Healthy Eating in Pregnancy: 

Did you know that pregnant women, people with allergies and those with low immunity needs to be very careful with food safety and food preparation .The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is New Zealand's leading food safety authority and has put in place, thorough guidelines of foods that can be eaten and those that either need special preparation or should be avoided completely while pregnant. Pregnant women are termed as being immuno-compromissed in pregnancy meaning that the immune system in pregnancy is lower than in a non pregnant women, which can lead  to the higher chance of catching diseases that are carried in food.

Your Midwives 4 u Midwife will have given you a copy of this food safety booklet however you can also access and download the pamphlet from the following website address: .     

The main foods to avoid in pregnancy is anything processed such as

Meats & Fish:

processed meats - Hams, pate, luncheon, cocktail sausages, salami's (unless heated to over 70"c), raw, or medium cooked meats (everything must be well done), raw fish, smoked fish and raw shell fish or crustacea ( unless heated to over 70'c) , Any cold or pre-cooked chicken  or poultry (unless heated to over 70"c)


unpasteurised  soft cheeses, egg based mayonnaise, home made and soft freeze ice-creams, unpasteurised yoghurts, unpasteurised milk


raw eggs or cooked with a runny yolk , store bought or home-made Hummus and tahini, or meat stuffings (unless cooked separately to the meat), left overs should be avoided (unless eaten within 2 days and heated to over 70'c) , Sushi -store bought - or home made should not be eaten unless it is made at home with with no cold or uncooked meats and fresh cooked rice and you should eat immediately.

It is also best to avoid foods that are high in sugar, high in fats, and high in sodium (salt) Remember the food pyramid .


As a Midwives 4 U client you will be given your very own antenatal book, this book also has an excellent section on healthy eating in pregnancy, and includes pregnancy weight gains and where does the increase in maternal weight come form. 

Guide to food safety in pregnancy