Common Links and contact details for services;

Plunket line: 0800-933-922 - toll free help line for advice 24 / 7 access

Health line: 0800-611-116 Toll free help line 24/7 for advice about a child that is unwell or hurt

Councillor line - 0800-111-1757 - toll free help by trained councillors 24/7

New Zealand Poisons Centre Hot line: -0800-764-766  Toll free 24/7 line- information regarding poisons and toxins

Quit line: 0800-778-778  -dedicated service to help you become smoke free

Parent Centre:  email: / (07) 345-3111

Multiplesnz: 0800-4-twinsetc - support group of expectant and parents of twins, triplets and more (

Family Focus Rotorua - charitable organisation to help make a difference for families in difficult times

Paid parental leave:  toll free phone 0800-20-90-20

Mokoia Radiology: (07) 343-7568   -1172-1174 Haupapa Street, Rotorua Central

TRG Imagine (The Radiology Group): (07) 348-8139 - 1165 Tutanekai Street, Rotorua Central

LSR -Laboratory Services Rotorua: (07) 348-7361 - 1203 Haupapa Street, Rotorua Central

Emergency Services: 111 - Emergency lines for fire, ambulance, police

Ministry of primary industries (food safety)