client Testimonials: Julie Carlyon

* I had Julie for all my babies she was great, fun, friendly and so informative. I didn't hesitate to use her for all of my babies. I felt safe and in confident hands all the way. Her sense of humour is awesome and got me through some tough times. Thanks Jules xxx. Karen W

* I found Julie off the Midwives website, and was so pleased we had her for our baby. She was great and so funny she made my partner and I feel relaxed and safe at all times, we were so lucky to have found her. Wish you were still in Palmy Julie  we might have to move to Vegas for our next baby :) Susan & Derek

*  I had a horrible pregnancy for my first baby, I felt alone and unsupported. So when no 2 came around we definitely looked for another midwife and we were recommended to Julie. From the first minute we met her we felt comfortable and well supported. We got so much more  information that we had ever been given in our first pregnancy, and learnt so much from this talented woman. We never felt rushed out of our appointments and all our questions and concerns were answered well.  When things didn't follow our birth plan Julie didn't hesitate to explain what was going on, and supported us right through the emergency c section that we had. We had plenty of time to talk with her afterwards and discussed the what, where's and why's of our baby's birth. We wouldn't hesitate to recommended Julie to all perspective mothers. You will be so happy with her care. Mary R

* Julie was my midwife, she was awesome, friendly and we had a ball with lots of laughs and jokes along the way - just my cup of tea. Julie always made us feel like we were the most important thing in the world and never felt like we were bothering her or interrupting her even though we knew she was busy. Mariana Y

* We can't thank Julie enough, she got us through a rough patch. We changed midwives to her late in our pregnancy as we didn't gel with the previous midwife. Julie gave us so much information that we hadn't got before, and we went into the hospital to have baby with confidence and prepared for challenges. After the birth we hit a few challenges, but with Julie's help we made it through and now are even thinking about having no 2. I know Julie I said never again and you said never say never... :) Thanks again Sian M

* Five babies later and we are having to change midwives because Julie has moved to Rotorua, lucky lucky lucky women of Rotorua, I am gutted that we won't have Julie this time. Her care of us was outstanding, she is fun to have around and we missed her when our care was over. Julie made my partner feel welcome, and included my whanau in my care because this is what I wanted and this was what was important to me. I know I won't find another Julie this time,  but thanks for your recommendations Julie xxx Marea T

* Julie is amazing, fun, friendly, and has so much information in her head I don't know how she can hold it all. She made us feel like we were the only person in the world having a baby. She has a calm and sensitive nature in an emergency, so that you don't know until afterwards how scary the situation was. We had so much confidence in her, she is so confident, competent and caring. I wouldn't hesitate to use Julie again as my midwife if we are lucky enough to fall pregnant again.  Kiana B